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Working together to improve local Community Action for Wellbeing

Grangetown is a vibrant, diverse and active community with a rooted desire to make the ward a happy place to live in.

Around 70 activities have been identified to be taking place in the area with the aim to improve resident’s wellbeing. Most of these activities are run by extraordinary and committed local voluntary groups and organisations.

Grangetown Wellbeing Network portal was born to support these groups in promoting their activities, make links and coordinate local community action for wellbeing.

How to use the portal?

  • To find out about regular weekly, monthly or one off local activities and how to access them.  Click on Events.

  • To find out about the groups behind this portal and local community action. Click on Local Groups & Organisations.

  • To find out about volunteering opportunities or find volunteers. Click on Volunteering.

  • Members’ area. This is reserved for groups and organisation delivering activities to improve Grangetown resident’s wellbeing, to post events, communicate with each other and make relevant connections.

  • To let us know about new events or register to become a member and access the members forum. Click on Contact Us.

Bandstand in Grange Gardens

Who is behind the portal?

The development of this portal has been possible thanks to the partnership generated between C3SC, Community Gateway and the inspiration of the local groups and organisations involved in the Wellbeing in Action pilot project.

C3SC Cardiff Third Sector Council | Cyngor Trydydd Sector Caerdydd
C3SC is the County Voluntary Council (CVC) for Cardiff.

C3SC - Cardiff Third Sector Council

C3SC key role is to provide specialist advice, support, and information to local third sector organisations on issues that affect them, such as governance or funding.

Contact your local Third sector Development officer if you want support to set up or develop as a voluntary organisation. https://www.c3sc.org.uk/my-area/city-south

Cardiff University | Prifysgol Caerdydd
Community Gateway is committed to building a long-term partnership with residents to make Grangetown an even better place to live and work.

Community Gateway - Cardiff University

Contact us if you want to be involved communitygateway@cardiff.ac.uk

Grangetown Wellbeing Network
Local community groups and organisations

Local community groups and organisations

Click on Local groups and organisations to find out who they are and what they do.

Wellbeing in Action was a pilot project delivered in Grangetown by C3SC (Cardiff Third Sector Council) in partnership with Cardiff and the Vale Public Health Team between June 2017 and March 2018